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What is Stage Gate? How can it improve your innovation / product / project management?



What is your product innovation strategy? What is the current state of your product development process and are you using best practices to launch these products? Do you instill an innovation culture in your facility? 

By developing a strong innovation strategy, and instilling an innovation culture within your facility will enable you to come up with a plethora of ideas and concepts for the marketplace. But, how do you ensure that only the good ones get developed and go to market. This is why you need to have an effective stage gate / innovation process. This process along with the development of financial and volume hurdles that should be used at the gate will ensure only the best projects will go to launch.

You can use the followiIng streamlined stage gate process that has 4 stages and 3 gates. At each stage additional money and resources are put towards the project thus allowing many projects to be initially examined and filtering out the best ones to move forward through the process. You will be more effective at launching great products for the market by following this process. 


FS & RD Consulting can help you improve your product development process by implementing a stage gate program and/or portfolio management to assist in the ongoing management of the products that you have on the market. 

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Melissa Stevenson