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HACCP,Vaccp, taccp, FSma

So HACCP is the framework that all food safety programs initiated from. If you need to start a food safety program or you need to update your existing program to meet vendors needs we can help you.

VACCP and TACCP - vulnerability and threat assessments are relatively new ideas in the food industry. If you wish to understand the vulnerability your ingredients and products have to fraud, and any threats that could effect your brand in the market, then identifying risks in these areas is important.

FSMA - Food safety modernization act has now been finalized in the US. If you manufacture or export product to the US then there are new regulations that are going to effect you. And sooner than you think. Everything should be implemented by May 2017 to ensure that you are in compliance.

In short, we can help you if you are just starting to put together a food safety program or if you want to enhance and improve the programs that you have in place.


There are a myriad of Global Food Safety Initiative programs that are currently in use. But, whether you choose BRC, SQF, or FSSC we can help you build or enhance the program that you already have.

BRC - British retail consortium is excellent to transition to if you already have a HACCP program in place. It works well if you are a manufacturing or warehouse facility.

SQF - Safe Quality Food is another program that works well for manufacturing, packaging and warehousing.

FSSC - Food safety System certification is an excellent choice if you are transitioning a company that is already ISO certified.

IFS PacSecure - Food safety certification designed for the food packaging industry. If you produce a food contact package and want to become certifiied this is the plan for you!

These programs all work similarly to meet the same food safety requirements. We can help build or support whichever program that you choose.

auditing, validation & challenge studies

Auditing, either internally or as a precursor to a 3rd party audit we can review your program and provide you with a gap analysis and recommendations on what to do to continuously improve.

You need to have Validation studies for all pre-requisite and critical control points that you have in your facility. If you want support in pulling together these validations we can help.

If a challenge study is needed to assist in the validation we can guide you through that process as well. 

So whatever your food safety needs are we can meet them with effective solutions ranging from HACCP to GFSI and everything in between.