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Looking for an expert in Food Safety and Research and Development.

Are you searching for an effective yet simple solution to meet all of your Food Safety and research development needs? Are you searching for the next new amazing product that will have your consumers just 'having' to buy it?

If you need to develop a new product for the market then we can help. If you are struggling with the new and ever-changing regulations in the food industry then we can support you in this. Or, if you are just trying to implement structure within food safety or R&D we can do that too!

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What we can do for you?


We can implement or ensure that your food safety program meets basic Hazard analysis and Critical control points (HACCP) requirements. We can improve your program to include vulnerability (VACCP) and threat (TACCP) assessments to your program or add in the necessary Preventive controls to meet FSMA standards. FSMA is the newly revised, amped up US version of HACCP which has additional steps, that you as a manufacturer need to take.

PRocess Development

If you want more structure within your Research and development process we have expertise in Stage gate, Benchmarking, Sensory analysis and SR&ED. We ensure that we right size the process to meet the needs of small and large manufacturers to make it most effective for all.


 We can build a food safety program that will meet any of the Global food safety initiatives including BRC, SQF or FSSC. These arecommonly a requirement of many of the retail chains that you would wish to sell your products too.


Developing new products for the market ensures continued success of your business. We can develop new products, line extensions or mimic other products that are currently on the market.

Auditing, Challenge, validation studies

We can assist you with auditing your current food safety program, or perform internal audits to prepare you for any 3rd party audits that you may be experiencing. If you need to complete validation studies on your pre-requisite programs or on your critical control points we can help put together these or challenge studies for you.

Portfolio management

Managing your portfolio of products is important for every successful business. We can assist you with a program that will review the products that you have in the pipeline along with the products that you have in production ensuring the most successful product remain in your lineup.


Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection
— Mark Twain


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