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Product development

If you have a great new idea for a food product or you just want to add additional products to your lineup we can help you bring these ideas to market.

The simple fact is we can help you throughout the entire product development process. We can perform benchmarking, develop bench top and plant trial samples, put together the regulatory information for the label and perform sensory analysis on the product.

We can even provide the scientific write-ups needed for SR&ED which can help you with rebates from the government.

In short, we can help you from start to finish.

process development

If you want to have a process in which to effectively manage all of your research and development projects we will right  size a stage gate management process that will meet your requirements.

We can perform benchmarking and use quality function deployment tools to assist in stage gate or the projects that you have within stage gate.

Essentially we can support you in all of your product and process development needs.

Portfolio management

It is important for your business to ensure that all of the products that you have in your portfolio are the best they can possibly be. 

We can set up the tools for you to be able to effectively manage this portfolio. This can be done in conjunction with a stage gate process or can be done independently.

So, portfolio management is effective at ensuring only the best possible products stay in your lineup!