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Graciousness - The importance of it in everyday life

With the recent Christmas holidays I've spent a lot of time over the past few weeks with my family and noticed first hand the importance of gratitude in everyday life.

My boys are 8 and 10 and are generally good, and well natured. However, there was an incident that happened while we were at my in-laws that I feel compelled to write about. I had assisted my in-laws with what to buy the boys as they tend to be difficult to buy for.

My youngest received a 3 D Harry Potter puzzle of Hogwarts. Rather than showing gratitude he immediately got upset and said that wasn't what he wanted and they could have bought him something cheaper that he would have wanted more. I was mortified!!

It was upsetting to see that I must have missed teaching him one of those critical life lessons.SO, we proceeded to have THE CONVERSATION. 

Graciousness - Every time someone gives you a gift; whether it is the act of a conversation or it is a present, they have gone out of their way to make a connection with you. They have searched for the perfect combination so that they can make you happy. It is critical that you as the receiver are truly gracious for these gifts. 

It is easy to be gracious when it is something that you've always wanted but what about when it is something you didn't want or ask for. It is still equally important that you are gracious for the gift even if it was unsolicited. This person still went to the same amount of effort in finding something that they think you would love. By focusing on the effort they have made to ensure your happiness, you will show that you are gracious. Give them back the attention and affection that they deserve.


Melissa Stevenson