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WFIM Gala - Dec. 7 / 16 - How work and the world is better with the C's.

I recently attended the WFIM gala held in Mississauga on Dec. 7th. It was an amazing night – with an excellent guest speaker and a great meal. There were about 120 attendees in the intimate but beautiful setting of the Old Barbershop banquet centre.

Our guest speaker was Sr. VP at Sobeys, Mary Dalimonte

She spoke to us about the importance of 5 Cs that are needed to be successful in business; Courage / Confidence, Competence, continually change, collaborate, commitment and caring. It is important to always have and portray Confidence. Without confidence you won't go far in business. It is important to stretch yourself and always be prepared. If you are always well versed (Competent) in the subject matter than you will always be able to project confidence when you are speaking and attending to business matters. It is also critical that you care for yourself and those around you. People are important as collaboration is vital to any and all organiations.

While I was listening to her speak it reminded me alot of a book that I've read recently. The called The Dolphin Way written by Shimi Kang M.D.

The Dolphin Way speaks about parenting styles including the Tiger, the Jellyfish and the Dolphin. what the current generation are going to need to have when they enter the workforce as technology has significantly altered the workplace. The C's that were needed here were creativity, collaboration, being community minded and having critical thinking skills. With such strong technology it will be important to be an out of the box thinker, creative and adaptable in your approach. And collaboration will still be key in getting the work done.

It was good to see the similarities between the two sources and that the message continues to be the same. Care about yourself and others, use creativity and critical thinking to be competent and confident and collaborate with others who are also creative to continue to improve the work force and the world that we live in!

Melissa Stevenson