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Safe Food for Canadians

The Government of Canada has adopted a new regulation called the Safe Food for Canadians Act. This is to make our food safety system stronger and ensuring greater consistency within food inspection and enforcement. With all manufacturers following these new regulations Canada can make sure they are putting safe food on shelves for consumers.

The three main changes for all food manufacturers are:

  1. Licencing

  2. Preventive Control Program (HACCP)

  3. Traceability

Under these new regulations, all manufacturers will need to have a license to produce / process product. Current federal facilities that are registered will move to the licensing format when their registration is due. Many Ontario regulated facilities may not need to obtain a licence until 2020. It is important that you determine the timing that your company needs to follow. This can be done by heading to the following CFIA website, https://na1se.voxco.com/SE/93/SFCR_licence/?&lang=en where you can determine what date you require a license. Licenses will be required for those who import, manufacture, process, export foods and those who slaughter, store or handle meat products.

For many of you, you will already have a HACCP program in place which already outlines the Preventive control programs that you have in place. However, for some of you it may mean the implementation of a Preventive Control Program.

CFIA has constructed templates to assist manufacturers with the development of this program, which is essentially a condensed version of HACCP. You, as a manufacturer, will be required to review all of the hazards that are associated with your ingredients and processes and determine measures needed to control these hazards. Once you've identified the hazards that are not fully controlled within your facility you will put together procedures to effectively control them. It may include training, maintenance, sanitation, allergens.

Traceability is critical for consumer safety as it ensures an ability to remove a product from the marketplace as quickly as possible, thus reducing the potential exposure to the hazard for the consumer. As part of the new regulations all manufacturers will need to have the ability to trace a product backwards to its supplier and forwards to the retailer and will need to have clear and readable records that show this. Retailers will also need to be able to trace product back to their original vendor. These traceability records will need to be maintained for a minimum of 2 years. Typically, most accounting programs have the capability to trace ingredients from purchase through manufacture and through to retailers.

As manufacturer many of these regulations may need to be implemented as early as Jan. 15 / 2019, which is just around the corner although the timing on the three segments may vary depending on the type of product you manufacture and where it is distributed. FS & RD Consulting can assist you with navigating through the revisions that are required with this new legislation. Check out our website at www.fsrdconsulting.com or give me a call for a free quote.

Melissa Stevenson