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What is IFS PacSecure? What food packaging companies need to know!

Ever wonder why food manufacturers demand information regarding the packaging that you supply to them? The information requested is important as the packaging you are producing comes into direct contact with food. So, it is imperative that the packaging is as safe as the manufacturers food is.

As expectations for food manufacturers continue to become more stringent they are asking for assurances from the companies that supply them including ingredients and packaging. In the past packaging may have taken a back seat but not anymore! The majority of food manufacturers are now GFSI (Global Food safety initiative) certified such as BRC or SQF; especially if they are selling to any of the major retailers. This means that they will continue to demand more from their packaging suppliers especially those that are supplying them with packaging that comes into direct contact with food. For example, the plastic container that your cake or cookies may come in or the film that covers your lunch meat..

IFS PacSecure – an international food safety standard designed for packaging is here! It is a GFSI recognized standard for the assessment of packaging material for suppliers and converters of packaging materials. It was developed with PAC – the Packaging consortium along with IFS and refers to the well recognized PAC Secure standards already being used by most packaging suppliers.

If you are a packaging company that specializes in food contact packaging than this program is for you. It is a risk based standard that is used to assess packaging material suppliers. The standard focuses heavily on ensuring that the company is compliant with both customer and legal requirements.

What are the benefits? By becoming certified you will have:

  1. A reduction in the number of customer audits.
  2. A system that is monitoring your compliance with regulations
  3. A report which outlines improvements that are needed to meet the standard and will show where you excel.
  4. Placed onto a database that will allow all of your customers to have access to your audit results.

The GFSI certified standards for packaging are some of the newer standards that have been put in place. Therefore, getting on board and working towards certification will ensure that you are one of the first packaging companies to become certified. By becoming certified it shows that your company takes its role at ensuring food safety as a priority and you will do what it takes to ensure that you supply your food manufacturing customers with the safest, compliant material possible.

FS & RD Consulting can assist you in performing an analysis of your current programs and determining what's needed to meet these new standards. We are fully certified in IFS Pac Secure and can help you with your next steps. Call or email now and we can provide you with a free quote.

Melissa Stevenson