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How do you take a product idea from concept to market?

Do you have an amazing idea for a new food product that will revolutionize the food industry? Do you see a product on the market that you know you can make it even better? Do you know how to get these products from concept to market? FS & RD Consulting can help you navigate the path and get your product launched. (http://www.fsrdconsulting.com)

There's a lot of work to take a concept and make it marketable. There are several steps that are needed which include:

  • Product concept
  • Benchmarking
  • Bench top trials
  • Scale up trials
  • Sensory testing
  • Labeling / Packaging
  • Launch

Product concept: You may have an idea for a new product that will change the world or you may see a product on the market and think that you could make it even better. By understanding what you wish to see in a new product and keeping an open mind you will be able to come up a product that is marketable.

Benchmarking: Research other similar products that are on the market and determine which characteristics are the features that are most attractive to the consumers. For example, a baguette is preferred if it is crusty on the outside with soft slightly chewy centre. By benchmarking all other products on the market and understanding the best features from each of the products you can create a product that has all these "best" features.

Bench top trials: Running benchtop trials allows you to tweak the formula to the point where is meets all of the "best" features that you've identified through benchmarking. These samples are small batches where you will experiment with flavours, and work on achieving the right texture, moisture level and appearance. Once you have the desired product you will need to run scale up trials.

Scale up trials: Scale up trials will need to be done at a manufacturing facility. Typically a few trials are necessary to fine tune the formulation. Slight modifications in spice levels etc. are often needed in order to achieve the product that is similar to the approved bench top samples. If you can't achieve all of the "best" features within the same product you may wish to have a few versions that you can then put through sensory testing.

Sensory testing: Taking the final formulation or the final few formulations through sensory testing with consumers will confirm whether the product is desirable and marketable.

Labeling / Packaging: Once we've finalized the product we can provide you with a regulatory compliant label which includes the nutrition information and ingredient declaration as required. Once, the packaging has been completed it is time to launch.

Launch: Your product is developed and ready to go. You are now able to take it to whomever you like whether it is retailers, or to be sold on-line.

Taking a product from concept all the way through to a marketable product is work but it's well worth it when you see your product on the store shelf. If you need help at any or all of these stages FS & RD Consulting would be only to happy to help. Call us today at 905-334-1733 for a free quote.

Melissa Stevenson