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What is FSMA? and why is it important to any food manufacturer exporting to the US?

FSMA or Food Safety Modernization Act are the new regulations that have been approved in the US under Barack Obama's legislation. Why should you care?

If you are a manufacturer or exporter of any food products than these new regulations will affect you. You are now required to verify all of your suppliers and determine any hazards that are associated with these products that may affect your food safety. It is important that you review the products for biological, chemical and physical hazards but also radiological hazards and whether they are susceptible to fraud.

You need to confirm that the trucking companies and storage facilities that you use are trained on food safety and take the precautions necessary to ensure the food chain remains safe.

You also need to have an integrated incident management approach. It needs to focus on supplier quality incidents integrated with all other incidents. It will be important for you to review your suppliers on a consistent basis and put together performance metrics to determine whether they are meeting up to your requirements. 

In addition, there have been recent changes to the Nutrition facts panel for all US products. These new revisions need to be incorporated on all packaging by May 2018.

FS & RD Consulting is a consulting company that is PCQI trained and can assist you with the implementation of the new US requirements. Whether you are a manufacturer or exporter that sends product to the US, these requirements do apply to you and FS & RD Consulting can help! Just call (905-334-1733) or email us to obtain a free quote. melissastevenson@fsrdconsulting.com


Melissa Stevenson